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Sviluppato e prodotto da Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica è un gioco d'avventura uscito il 23 gennaio 2018 per PC Windows · Link:


Subnautica is an open world, underwater exploration and adventure game currently under construction at Unknown Worlds. The game is in advanced stage of Early Access development, with substantial content available for play. Performance/frame-rates, stability, and polish are not yet up to the standards of a finished game.
Dive Into a Vast Underwater World

You have crash-landed on alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down. Subnautica's oceans range from sun drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. Manage your oxygen supply as you explore kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life: Some of it helpful, much of it harmful.
Scavenge, Craft, and Survive

After crash landing in your Life Pod, the clock is ticking to find water, food, and to develop the equipment you need to explore. Collect resources from the ocean around you. Craft knives, lights, diving gear, and personal water craft. Venture deeper and further form to find rarer resources, allowing you to craft more advanced items.
Construct Underwater Habitats

Build bases on the sea floor. Choose layouts and components, and manage hull-integrity as depth and pressure increase. Use your base to store resources, park vehicles, and replenish oxygen supplies as you explore the vast ocean.
Unravel the Mystery

What happened to this planet? Signs abound that something is not right. What caused you to crash? What is infecting the sea life? Who built the mysterious structures scattered around the ocean? Can you find a way to make it off the planet alive?
Disrupt the Food Chain

The ocean teems with life: Use the ecosystem to help you. Lure and distract a threatening creature with a fresh fish, or simply swim as fast as you can to avoid gnashing jaws of roaming predators.
Handle the Pressure

Build a Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit, or PRAWN Suit, and explore extreme depth and heat. Modify the suit with mining drills, torpedo launchers, propulsion cannons, grappling hooks and more.
Fear the Night

As the sun goes down, the predators come out. The ocean is unforgiving of those caught unprepared in the darkness. Areas that are safe to explore during the day become treacherous at night, but also reveal a beauty that those who hide from the darkness will never see.
Dive Below the Ocean Floor

Cave systems wind below the sea bed, from dark claustrophobic passages to caverns lit by bio-luminescent life and burning-hot lava flows. Explore the world below the ocean floor, but watch your oxygen levels, and take care to avoid the threats lurking in the darkness.
Open Development

Get weekly or daily updates, see what the development team is working on, view real time change logs, and give feedback from inside the game. Subnautica Early Access development is open, and the development team wants to hear from you.
About the Development Team

Subnautica is being created by Unknown Worlds, a small studio founded by Charlie Cleveland and Max McGuire that traces its roots back to the 2003 Half-Life mod Natural Selection. The team is scattered around the globe, from the United States to the United Kingdom, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Thailand, Australia, and many more places. There is a central office in San Francisco, California that serves as home base for the whole team.



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Cover Subnautica per PC

Dopo aver passato quasi quaranta ore tra i fondali marini di Subnautica, la definizione survival game sembra stia un po' stretta all'opera di Unknown Worlds. Ci sono, chiaramente, tutti i meccanismi tipici dei giochi di sopravvivenza, ma c'è anche qualcosa in più: una cura per il dosaggio delle meccaniche ed una filosofia che abbatte qualsiasi situazione esasperata ed alienante. Subnautica dà un bello schiaffo a quei survival che amano far perdere l'utente tra un dedalo di mille opzioni, ma che mancano di sostanza. Sconfigge quei giochi che si professano super-realistici e super-simulativi, ma che sono noiosi. Ammazza chi sbandiera una mappa vastissima e ricca, ma che è nascosta sotto un cumulo di requisiti e richieste. Subnautica riesce a valorizzare tutti quegli elementi che nei titoli di sopravvivenza faticano a staccarsi dalla sfera dell'"utile": nell'opera di Unknown Worlds un bellissimo fondale marino è prima di tutto un luogo meraviglioso, e poi anche una fonte di risorse essenziali per il sostentamento. Sopravvivere per esplorare e non esplorare per sopravvivere: non è una differenza di poco conto. E lo capirete quando vi ritroverete con la bocca spalancata a centinaia di metri di profondità, noncuranti dei balbettii rossastri degli indicatori della fame e della sete.

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