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Back To The Future Fan Drives 88 MPH In His DeLorean, Fails To Travel Through Time

A Back to the Future superfan who owns a DeLorean took it for a drive recently on a California highway, hitting 88 mph but failing to travel through time and only getting a speeding ticket.

KTLA 5 (via Uproxx) brings us the wonderful story of Santa Clarita man Spencer White, who was on the 14 Freeway recently and was zipping along at 85 mph. His mother was in the car with him and gave him some motherly advice: "My mom, she's looking at me and she just says, 'Take it up to 88, let's do it," White said.

White did just that, apparently, and had the DeLorean at 88 mph for "about two seconds" before he spotted a police officer behind him. He got pulled over, and the officer asked if he knew how fast he was going. He said 88 mph, and they both enjoyed a laugh, apparently.

White said he thought at first he would be let off with just a fine, but the officer ended up giving him a ticket for about $400. The officer also let White take a picture of the radar gun that showed 88 mph, apparently. White doesn't sound too upset, however, as he says getting a ticket for driving 88 mph in a DeLorean is the "dream ticket" for people who own the famous car.

As for why White did not travel through time, he says he didn't have his Flux Capacitor installed, and he was out of Plutonium.

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31 maggio 2017 alle 03:10