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Back To The Future Is Getting A Manga Adaptation

A manga series based on Back to the Future is coming soon. Manga artist Yusuke Murata, known for his work on superhero parody series One-Punch Man and American-football manga Eyeshield 21, is working on the BTTF series, Anime News Network reports.

Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale is supervising the manga, which will include new story content. BTTF will initially be serialized online in Japanese, and Murata plans to publish the first book volume on April 20. It's not clear when the series will be translated to English.

Though the manga is said to be based on the original 1985 film, the preview illustration (which you can see below) includes characters from the two sequels. You can also see a full-color illustration from the series.

Murata worked on the Eyeshield 21 and One-Punch Man manga series, both of which were later adapted into anime. His art is known for being dynamic and comedic, with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama's style as a major influence.

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