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Cover Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love

Sviluppato e prodotto da Artifex Mundi, Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love è un gioco d'avventura uscito il 16 maggio 2019 per PC Windows · Link:

Take a look behind Irony Curtain in this satirical point-and-click inspired by the best works of LucasArts and Daedalic Entertainment! Experience the totalitarian Matryoshka through the eyes of Evan – a low-ranking, goofy journalist involuntarily pulled right into the middle of an espionage stand-off between two powers. Jump into the wacky spy adventure, uncover secrets of the bizarre communist country (and the powerful capitalist empire!), witness a story full of unpredictable twists and turns, and discover the true agenda of the mysterious Supreme Leader!

What business might the loving father of the Matryoshkan nation have with a lowly, capitalistic pen-pusher?
Why suddenly lift the Irony Curtain and welcome a stranger into Matryoshka?
And why is there an alligator in the middle of the bathroom?!

- An original setting: fictional Cold War era – alternate reality unbound by historical accuracy, and the communistic Matryoshka full of people who work all the possible angles to navigate this illogical, odd country.

- Inspired by classic adventure games – but better. No dream-logic, no pixel hunting. No-nonsense. Pure point and click fun.

- The Spy Intrigue – sleeper spies, stolen secrets and world-domination plots wrapped up in layers of humor.

- Quirky characters – Meet the mysterious Leader ruling Matryoshka with an irony fist, the clueless and guilible Evan, the brave and witty Agent Anna and the notorious Minister of Propaganda...

- Do it your way – some of the puzzles are non-linear and can be solved in two or more different ways.

- 21 hand-painted locations – that look surprisingly better than their original inspirations.

- 1,951 cleverly sneaked-in easter eggs – some of them punishable by political imprisonment.

- Music score as grand as Matryoshka itself - music written by the state composer Arkadiusz Reikowski (known from Layers of Fear, >observer_, Kholat, My Brother Rabbit).

- Full voice-over – in English, and subtitles in Polish and German.

- A 5-year plan – that no one ever hoped to achieve, and neither should you.

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