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Cover Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Sviluppato da Proxy Studios e prodotto da Slitherine Ltd., Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War è un gioco di strategia uscito il 12 luglio 2018 per PC Windows · Link:

Gladius Prime was known to Imperial scholars as a planet of archeological interest. During its colonization ancient relics were found, revealing hints of a shrouded past. But it was more than relics. Something awakened, an unspeakable horror from an ancient past, and the citizens of Gladius found themselves trapped in a terrible war for survival.

Gladius Prime was once a planet of peace. Now there is only war.

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planet's resources.

In the first 4X turn-based strategy game set in Warhammer 40,000 you will lead one of four factions: Astra Militarum, Space Marines, Orks and Necrons, each with their own unique gameplay, technological tree, units and heroes.

Face a challenging AI or cooperate or compete with friends and strangers across the globe.

Play as one of four iconic Warhammer factions (Astra Militarum, Space Marines, Orks or Necrons), each with their own unique playstyle and technology tree. Explore a randomly generated world filled with special features and threatening wildlife that can crush your troop's morale. Secure control of powerful ancient artefacts to grant you an edge against rival factions.

Construct cities, buildings and fortifications to expand your empire and produce an army to vanquish your foes. Harvest resources and research new technologies to fuel and upgrade your machinery of war.

Progress through a different storyline with each faction as their destiny on Gladius Prime, a world tainted by the warp, unfolds. In the end, when all the dust has settled, only one faction can emerge victorious.

Command a wide array of devastating weaponry, issue city edicts and deploy tactical operations. Recruit hero units that possess distinct special abilities and can be equipped with items, ranging from advanced grenades to mighty relics of the past. As they become more and more powerful with each rank, they turn into true champions of your cause.
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