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Battlefield 5 developer gets banned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for – presumably – being too good

In a situation you definitely don't see every day, a DICE developer working on Battlefield 5 has been banned from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Florian Le Bihan, core gameplay designer on Battlefield 5, has taken to Twitter to air his grievances about getting unfairly banned from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Le Bihan believes the ban has something to do with his excellent performance in multiplayer. In an effort to prove his innocence, Le Bihan posted a video showing off some of his best kills.

“So i got banned from Black Ops 4 LOL. Could you please not?” he revealed in a tweet, tagging the official accounts for Treyarch and Treyarch PC.

“Please find attached to this great video of me killing some other players in Black Ops 4. Accept this as a token of my appreciation towards your game (please unban).”

Here's the video he shared:

This indeed is the official, verified account of gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan. Battlefield fans will recognise it from the many Battlefield questions they answered in the past, and from a takeover of the official DICE Twitter account last month.

We have no way of verifying what the reason for the ban was, and the screenshot Le Bihan shared doesn't list a reason. It could simply be an error, or perhaps a false positive flagged by the game's automated anti-cheat system.

Le Bihan is a former pro player, and you can see a few of his earlier videos on his YouTube channel, so that could be why his skill was mistaken for a cheat.

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24 ottobre 2018 alle 13:50

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Sento puzza di bruciato. Ah si, i bimbimerda che non sanno tenere un pad in mano.


Con lo sniper è un mostro, ma lascia qualche dubbio la clip con quella Revolver cioè Madonna nemmeno Pamaj riesce ad essere così preciso da fare millemila colpi alla testa di fila ho detto tutto è veramente troppo strana.


@Kley "i ban non vengono attuati dalla community, ma dai GM e dai Mod"

we grazie, non lo sapevo. Mi hai aperto un mondo...

Proprio L'OVVIETA' DELLE OVVIETA' questa frase. Ma seriamente? Se i bimbimerda frignano, loro segnalano in massa. E' OVVIO.