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ha pubblicato un'immagine nell'album Games riguardante Bloodborne

Qualcuno lo ha trovato scaricabile in PDF? Vorrei leggerlo


Queste sono le info che ho trovato riguardo le differenze tra PS4 Pro A chassis e B Chassis:

"1. CUH-7000 has less coil-whine, 7100 is slightly worse... probably due to slightly redesigned power circuits.. biggest downside of the new revision
2. CUH-7100 has better memory cooling on the back side, heat is going directly to the back plate covering whole back side
3. CUH-7100 has different HDMI controller... better
4. CUH-7100 keeps fan at a bit lower speeds (10-20% lower speeds?)
5. CUH-7100 runs a bit hotter... worst place at exhaust can reach temperatures close to 70C, CUH-7000 max exhaust temperature was 66C under same conditions
6. CUH-7100 has newer revision of its APU, there is no information about changes

And most importantly... CUH-7100 has different fan controller. Having those consoles next to each other, I can clearly say that 7100 is less annoying. Fan changes (and fan pitch changes) are smooth and less bothering (subjectively). CUH7000 is changing fan speed in steps, which is annoying and can results in constant fan pitch (speed) changes.

In the end I use CUH-7116B because I find it less annoying when playing 4K ready games. It also boots faster in combination with my TV."

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