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Street Fighter 6 - Akuma Teaser Trailer

Messatsu! The legendary Akuma will consume all hope, fear, and nothingness when he comes to Street Fighter 6 this spring. Find him in the new World Tour area, Gokuento, where you m..


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デジヴァイス - 25th COLOR EVOLUTION - プロモーションビデオ

忘れられないあの夏の冒険から25年。今、冒険が進化する- TVアニメ『デジモンアドベンチャー』25周年を記念して、「デジヴァイス - 25th COLOR EVOLUTION - 」が登場! 本商品では、プレイヤーがパートナーになるデジモンを選択し、「選ばれし子ども」となって広大なデジタルワールドの冒険をすることで「デジモンアドベンチャー」の物語を追体験する..


Exhaust Kuro's dialog about making the incense and going to Fountainhead. Rest in Kuro's room then sneak over to the wall near the window you can open. Hug the wall and eavesdrop on Kuro standing by the incense. Do this a few times until you keep getting the same one. Talk to Emma and rest. She should move upstairs where you met her after Geneichiro. Talk to her and agree with her.

She'll say she needs some time. Travel, rest, and return. Talk to her again then travel to the old grave and meet her once more. Finally she will go to the dilapidated temple. Hug the wall behind the temple near a small hole until you can eavesdrop on her and the Sculptor. Confront her about what you heard and she will give you the bell.

Edit : While you should grab the bell now because it is missable there is another zone that you can now access since you have the incense. Investigate the area after you killed the corrupted monk to find it.

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