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ha scritto una recensione su Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Cover Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 per PS3

Review: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is the “Expanded” version of “Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fate of two worlds”. It contains more Characters and stages than the previous title, but the gameplay is the usual of the saga.

The heroes from Marvel and Capcom worlds will face each other through Hadouken, blades, and mystic powers. The heroes and the villains will keep taunting each other when they met and a colorful series of combos and hyper combos will make each fighting epic and exciting.
I found this title a nice fight game. Easy to learn and hard to master with many different styles for each character. I guess that each kind of player can find the character that better corresponds to its Playstyle. Despite this played alone it becomes very fast a boring title.
Suggested if you have a brother/sister to play with as I have.

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Cover Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered per PC

Review: Fahrenheit indigo prophecy

Here it goes to another game that is hard to describe.
Fahrenheit is a mix between a graphic adventure, a movie, and the Sims. I will talk about each part in detail.
As a graphic adventure, it has simple and elementary puzzles. To look for objects or look for a logic connection. The story is great and full of suspense, but once again it finishes too fast on the ending. The top of immersion in the story will happen almost at the end of the game.
As movie/game it has a lot of quick-time events, well organized that are useful both to describe the fights and the intuition that the characters can have or not. Going on will become the most interesting part of the game. Together with the dialogue that we will be able to pilot through important choices.
NB: it is the game that defines itself as a movie, in the starting menu we will find a new movie icon and not a new game one. And looking at the camera I can easily understand why.
In the end, the “the Sims part “ consists of trying to recover your morals and do not become crazy through simple actions like washing your hands.
Really guys wash always your hands. In this game and in life too.
The game is really good, it is a curious experiment that it was also a success. It is also very cured, and also after many years has the sense to play it. Games like this are very rare.
I would suggest playing it because it is an involving experience completely different from the other games that you can usually find.

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ha scritto una recensione su Sam & Max Hit the Road

Cover Sam & Max Hit the Road per PC

Review: Sam and Max Hit the Road

We are in front of a classic LucasArts graphic adventure, then in front of well-built puzzles and many funny and dementia moments. Even if it is not so famous it has been an enjoyable experience.
The best way to describe it is to use the same words of the game cover: “dementia humor and animations” “enjoy yourself with free antisocial behaviors” “stop in fetid gas stations and intimidate the inhabitants of the place”. Talking seriously the plot is banal, but the puzzles are good, they will require much lateral thinking. The main difficulty is the high number of objects and locations to find, and that will never be blocked or eliminated.
We were afraid that the game itself was too cartoon style and oriented toward a young audience, instead, the low level of jokes also bad sometimes changed our minds, together with the free offenses, making it more suitable for and adult audience.
It is very nice even if it is not the best of its genre it is better with a friend to unite the strength and have very crazy fun.

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