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ha scritto una recensione su Hunt: Showdown

Cover Hunt: Showdown per PC

Hunt Shodown is a Battle Royale with both PVE and PVP components.

The goal of the game is to hunt a beast down, collect the bounty, and escape. And the only things that are between your bounty and you are the other players.

The game well embodies the spirit of a hunter, you have to be quiet and carefully plan your moves to survive in a match. Being too loud or shoot at everything that moves can lead you to a very fast death.

Another important element of the gameplay is the PermaDeath. In fact, you can upgrade your hunter by giving him weapons and skills, but once he dies, you lost all the gears of the character, and the character itself. This component pushes the players to be even more careful playing a match.

It is a good battle royale, its only defects are too unbalanced weapons, and a very long time to both load the map and find other players in the matchmaking.

It is a battle royale different from the others around and that can be very fun and satisfying to play, but just like any other online game can be also very, very frustrating.

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ha scritto una recensione su Fire Emblem Fates: Conquista

Cover Fire Emblem Fates: Conquista per 3DS

This is the first game of this saga that I have played and I found it Amazing and incredibly addictive.

We are talking about a pretty standard turn-based strategy game with some JRPG components, and highly story-oriented.

What makes this game different from most of the other games of this genre are:

1)a high level of challenge mostly due to the “PermaDeath” component. In the classic mode in fact if a character dies during a mission it cannot be used in any of the next missions. this makes it extremely challenging, and pushes the player to overcome all the levels without any loss, otherwise proceed in the story could also become impossible.

2)A wide variety of both classes and story missions allows the player to experiment and develop different strategies and gameplay styles during all the main campaign.

Together with good storytelling, nice graphics, and sound compartment it makes this a very good game.

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