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Cover PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water per Nintendo Switch

Review: Project Zero: Maiden of the black water

This game is a disappointment. The game itself is not bad, but what really kills the game is the extremely low difficulty level and the repetitiveness. Most of the time of the game is spent traversing more time the exact location already explored, or even worse backtracking already explored areas. After just a few hours of gameplay, I stopped having any fear, and I just started rushing all the locations without any problem. No ghost was able to stop me. And Also the game rewarded me by giving me very high scores. Like if the true spirit of the game was an insane speedrunning and do not passionate about any ghosts, but just kept wiping them out of existence without any problem.

Also, the controllers are awful. Most of the time you will be fighting against them to just make what you want to do.

I would not suggest it, it is just boring, and the scenes that are actually interesting are really too few.

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