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E' uscita la patch della vergogna di Mortal Kombat 11.
Su Reddit c'è gente che ha già analizzato che i krediti regalati per scusarsi sono una miseria.
Non so se è vero anche perchè bisogna valutare con le modifiche della difficoltà e i reward modificati, comunque ecco quello che hanno scritto:

there are at least 25 shoa kahn boxes at 250 hearts each. there are at least 25 scorpion heart boxes at 100 hearts apiece. so you need at the very least 9,000 hearts. 500 is a teeny tiny faction of that. you still only earn 3 hearts for a fatality 5 for brutality. meaning you'll still need to complete 1800 matches with a brutality to have enough to get everything. 500 hearts is not a lot. 500k koins is barely anything either. there are 100s of boxes priced between 10k and 20k you can open about 33 boxes at 15k each...that's a tiny tiny number of those boxes in the krypt.ouls is awful too, 1000 is NOTHING. to progress in the krypt you need to spend 10,000 on an item, 3,000 to fix a bridge, 3,000 to give you access to 250,000 chest. guess how many you earn in 1 match 10 TEN. the amount they've given is frankly an insult. The only way it wouldn't have been an insult would be if they reduced krpyt prices by 70%. I've opened 484 chests (including numerous duplicates) at the cost of 25 million gold.
30,000 souls and 15,000 hearts. what they've given really is nothing. trust me.

A game which went out of its way to hide it's incredibly poorly designed progression system prior to release. rememrb they hyped up all these intros, costumes prior to release, but EVERY SINGLE thing they showed prior to launch to increase interest was locked behind ludicrous progression and rng bs. A progression designed to bore and frustrate it's audience into potentially spending real life money on skins, brutalities, gear , intros and victory poses. the rarest item to obtain in the loot boxes in the games are intros and outros, when they appear in the online store they're 750 time krystals...that's $8. as i said i'm about 50 hours into grinding, have spent 25+- million on chests, 45+ thousand of the other 2. and haven't gotten a single one. there have been 2 intros on the online shop. so it's a case of 50+ hours of grinding (with a high likelyhood of not getting one) or spending real money. "the gift" is because no one is accepting their scummy plans to drain as much cash from us as possible.
it's not out the goodness of their hearts either. it's to make the store prices seem like a good idea. one user on here has already stated he spent 300K of the gold given and got NOTHING. they knew that was the likely outcome. i'm sure 100,000s of people will experience the same thing and think i'd be better off spending $5 to get a skin though the store then grind for hours to get 500k gold and likely get NOTHING. Guarantee that "promotion" was green lit because they knew it'd help show how bs and frustrating the krypt can be, and they'll make $100,000s on time krystals. of course i'd want the ability to unlock everything. peopel liek to experiance everything a game has to offer, that includes unlocking all content. I like to get as much out of a game as possible. I collected everything in every other krypt since mk:da. I paid for this game i'm entitled to have reasonable access to all its content. this isn't a free to play mobile game...despite what the progression system is telling you.
Frankly i'm long past the point was wanting to keep the game, the experience has been horrendous. all i want Right now is, to fully explore the krypt. this requires an item that cost 10,000 souls. the update has NOT made it easier to get these. I need to have 1000 matches in order to get enough to simply progress in the krypt.


ha pubblicato un'immagine nell'album come lo gioco tra 20 anni? riguardante Mortal Kombat 11

Sembra stiano sviluppando una patch per fixare il grinding illegale. A quanto pare la pioggia di insulti che stanno ricevendo funziona asd


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