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Feeding and breeding and pumping gas. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, do it again. ------------------------------------------------- Non aggiorno davvero la collezione perché me pesa il culo

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Gilpow!!! Listen, I have been all over the fucking internet trying to find a way to just get this message to you. But I can't find one!! It is so frustrating!
Girl, you made me sign up for TWITTER! I swore to myself I would never do that. And still... NO WAY TO CONTACt YOU!! I can't beleive it! So, please forgive me for blowing you up in your comments with the following message:

@Gilpow GILPOW!! UGH!! I am so pissed! I just typed this REALLY LONG love letter to you and I accidentally hit the fucking wrong key and it got erased!! But Anyways, it goes something like this:
I have Crimpshrine lyrics tattooed all over my body. I am so happy to know that you are alive! I have been semi silently admiring you for years and it is just so beautiful the things you do for EAST BAY Punk. They should have fucking interviewed YOU for "Turn It Around"! I love the mystery. I love how you never show your face. Girl, I don't give a mad fuck what you look like. Can we get to know each other? On a serious note. I am dead fucking serious, Gilpow. Please take the time to read some of my stories. I actually just won an award for one of them and I had a spoken word piece published in a book called "[nome]". My thing is called the "[nome]". I am a zine writer.

To be quite honest with you I just did 6 years in prison. Believe me I was into your shit way before that. I even spoke to you briefly once. I'm sure you don't remember. But while I was I often wondered about you. Ah, the mysteriousness! And now I get out and I see that you have just been steadily plodding along uploading the dopest fucking content online. Period. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I love Crimpshrine, girl. In fact that is my graffiti handle. I have been tagging "CRIMPSHRINE" EVERY FUCKING WHERE I go since I was 16-years-old. I just love that band so much. I actually interviewed Jeff Ott once, in person twenty years ago. And I just recently exchanged several letters with Aaron Cometbus. He told me he liked my story, Gilpow! Can you imagine what a thrill that was for me? They must have contacted you by now. I'm sure you are friends with them in some way, right? I've always wondered about that. Well, anyways, I don't know if anyone has ever straight up gotten at you like this. I'm sure that is probably a stupid fan. It wasn't until about 2008 when I first started using Myspace and Youtube that I realized Crimpshrine had so many motherfucking fans! I had no idea. I came from a relatively small scene in Southern California. And they way we got into them back in the mid 90's was because my friends band, "Nonsens", actually played with Fifteen. And in fact they came and stayed at the Nonsense house and that was how we heard of em. And I have been obsessed with their fucking music ever since. Fifteen and Crimpshrine were like the biggest influence on my friends growing up. All of the concepts that Jeff Ott espoused were also subliminally interwoven into the fabric of our lives as well, like Food Not Bombs and environmentalism. I never gave a fuck about those things until I started listening to those bands. I was just a drink fuck fight little kid on a skateboard and I didn't care about anything. But Crimpshrine and Fifteen were profound harbingers of a whole different aesthetic to punk, which is and always has been my cultural identity. and I love it and care for it and want to nurture it and help it grow into ever increasing patterns of beauty like the patterns you see in a stucco ceiling under the influence of LSD.

There is so much I would like to share with you and to learn from you. For starters, could you send me a video of how to play, "Concrete Lawns" by Crimpshrine? Is there any way you can put it in slow motion? Can you play that one? I checked and I couldn't find a video of you playing that one. Maybe it's there and I just didn't search hard enough. But I can't wait to see those headless little fingers just fucking going to town on that fucking masterpiece. But even if you don't want to do that or even if you do, would you please be my friend? I know I told you I just went to prison. But you're pretty friggen internet savvy (I'LL SAY!): look me up on the Orange County California courts website or even google me if you like. I'm told there is a video of me crashing a truck into an apartment building on there. I don't know. I refuse to watch it. But anyways, I'm just your run of the mill recovering drug addict, burglar and car thief. I am completely clean and sober these days and I am trying very hard to finally do something with my writing career. I am a what I call a "story-zine" writer. I publish them in zine format but what they are is really just handmade DIY short stories about homeless, punk rock drug addicts and prostitutes. You seem to read English well enough. Which is very impressive, by the way (and by the by I am fascinated to learn how you came to know Crimpshrine and the like from way over there). But if not I'm sure you must have software which can convert my stories into Italian. For now, you can find them at: [indirizzo web]. Please go and take a look. I want you to see that I am talented so that you will want to be my friend. And please give me a call! My phone number is (USA) [numero]. And my email address is: [email]., Please get into touch with me, Gilpow. It would really be a dream come true. Thank you. Your friend, [nome cognome]

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